Friday, February 6, 2015

Twitter's client software is a great tool for gaining followers

The more followers you have, the more your tweets will be read and retweeted. There are many tools out there designed to help you get followers, but instead of spending money, why not use Twitter itself?

Your goal should be to gain followers that will be attracted to your content. So as an example, if your niche is philanthropy, you may want to gain some of the same followers that Bill Gates has.

The method will be to follow Bill Gates' followers. However, not just any followers. You want to engage active followers - those that are actively engaged with twitter. Identifying these followers is easy; just go to Gate's timeline and find a recent tweet that has been retweeted numerous times. Click on the retweets link and a list of all the recent re-tweeters will appear. The next step is to follow all of them.

Since the retweets are recent, most of those individuals will likely be able to react in-time to the notification that they have just been followed by you.

In our trials we have seen follow-back rates of 30%-50% compared to 10%-15% rates when randomly following twitter accounts.

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