Friday, August 15, 2014

Top 4 Reasons to use BlasTwit

The most compelling reason to use BlasTwit is tweet scheduling. There are other better known applications such as Hootsuite, TweetDeck and SproutSocial, but only BlasTwit is specifically designed for organizing and scheduling your tweets.  Let’s face it, the most widely used feature in social media apps is Tweet scheduling, and none do it as well as BlasTwit. Don’t get us wrong, Hootsuite and the others have great analytic tools and they are great for managing multiple networks, however their costs alone prevent many Tweeters looking to schedule their tweets from using these apps.

Our core strength is Tweet scheduling. Our app allows users to create tweets and categorize them into lists. Once the lists are created users can schedule the individual lists for BLASTING (broadcast). Even free users can list unlimited tweets into the default list. Although they cannot schedule the tweets for automated sending, they can still use the BLAST button to run the list.
The best part is that our scheduling engine does not spread tweets in 5 minute increments, and instead randomizes the order and the time between tweets to give the impression that a human is sending them.
Lastly, users can add, edit, and delete tweets in BlasTwit without the use of .CSV files. This gives users the ability to update their lists and schedules directly from their web-browser and in the future from our apps.

In Summary these are the top reasons to use BlasTwit :
  1. Best in class tweet management and scheduling capabilities
  2. Update lists from your web-browser without need for .CSV files
  3. Randomize the time between tweets (don't be the 5-minute BOT)
  4. Cost - No need to pay $20 or more for social media apps when all you need is a tweet scheduler


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