Thursday, October 2, 2014

Learn the best way to get quality Twitter followers.

Increasing your Twitter follower count is an absolute must for today’s bloggers. Anyone who has been on Twitter long enough knows the value of being ReTweeted. However, using “following” apps doesn’t guarantee quality followers (those who actually engage and interact with Twitter). The best way to get these is by tweeting content that is relevant and when your followers retweet, more followers will follow.

Tweeting content to gain followers is not as easy as it sounds. The average lifetime of a tweet is less than 20 minutes. That is, if your followers don’t get to their timeline within 20 minutes of your tweet, there is a high likelihood that they will miss your content. In the best of circumstances, if you have 100% quality followers, your tweet may be seen by 1/100th of your followers. And if the content is good or relevant, it may be ReTweeted by a handful.

So how can you reach more of your followers so they can RT to theirs? Simple… you reach more of your followers by sending the same content several times per day. This is not as easy as it sounds since it requires that you stay engaged with Twitter (optimally 24/7) and that you modify your tweets slightly to prevent Twitter from blocking them for duplicate content (especially if sent within a couple of hours from each other). This is where scheduling services help, and BlasTwit was specifically designed to help our customers organize and schedule their tweets. As one of our beta-testing clients told us… “I used to spend countless hours copying and pasting my recurring tweets from a spreadsheet. With BlasTwit I can now automate the process and spend more time at the beach.”


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