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Friday, July 25, 2014

BlasTwit Hatches!

BlasTwit is the culmination of several years of market and social network analysis. As social media continues to grab the world by storm, individuals, businesses, and institutions find themselves in a never-ending quest to morph their social media footprint to further their missions.

Of all the Social Media networks, Twitter with 280+ million active users, is perhaps the most widely used. More tweets are sent daily than there are posts on the next five most widely used social networks (and that includes Facebook)

BlasTwit focusses specifically on a need that hasn’t quite been addressed with the Twitter Apps currently on the market – the (affordable) categorization and scheduling of recurring tweets. Institutions, businesses and even individuals have tweets that they send daily or several times per day. From the news outlet posting its daily news links on an hourly basis, a business advertising its sales, or an individual with large followers selling and posting recommendations for others, BlasTwit is the perfect tool to use.

As we venture down the road to changing how many in the twitter-shpere tweet, we are privileged to have you join the BlasTwit team on this journey.